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ClosedAug 16 - Aug 27
Cinema grants
with millennium parade

Cinema is like forests.

Imagine a lush and expansive forest.
Inside this forest are warm and sunny spots and safe havens, as well as ominous places that are dark and scary.

You could feel anxious or lonely thinking that you may end up wandering around forever.
But you will hopefully feel a sense of relief upon finding your way out of the forest.

Sony Pictures has also brought together the ideas of numerous creators and people captivated by them through cinema, creating a community like a forest.

Ginza Sony Park believes that watching a movie offers an experience that is similar to entering a forest.
It will be a new cinema experience that will allow people to immerse into the creators' perception, like wandering around a forest.

Event Info

Sony Park Exhibition - 4
with millennium parade

2021 Aug 16 (Mon) - Aug 27 (Fri) 11:00-19:00

  • * On Aug 16 (Mon), you can enter from 12:00.

2021 Aug 6 (Fri) 12:00 (accepted in order of reservation)

Additional reservations

2021 Aug 17 (Fri) 17:00 (accepted in order of reservation)

  • * "THE MILLENNIUM PARADE THEATER" (PARK B3): Advance reservations are required on weekdays and weekends. If there is a vacancy, you can make a reservation until just before the day.
  • * "Cinema Forest" (PARK B2): No reservation required on weekdays and weekends (restricted admission).
Ginza Sony Park (PARK B2-B4)
Entrance is free

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