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ClosedJul 30 - Aug 10
Finance details life.
with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Finance is like poetry.

When we feel anxious, lonely or sad…
we are comforted by the words of others.
Gentle words are like glittering stars in the night sky, showing us the way in the darkness.

There are Life Planners at Sony Life Insurance, who are professionals in planning people's lives.
They have continuously faced each and every customer, and generously communicated with each and every customer in hopes of becoming their guide for planning their lives.

The work they do is like a heartwarming poem.
This inspired Ginza Sony Park to reflect on “life” and “its meaning of life” through poetry.

You may also come across poetry that will guide you through life.

Event Info

Sony Park Exhibition - 3
with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
2021 Jul 30 (Fri) - Aug 10 (Tue) 11:00-19:00
  • * On Jul 30 (Fri), you can enter from 12:00.
2021 Jul 20 (Tue) 12:00 (accepted in order of reservation)
  • * On Sat/Sun/Holidays, reservations are required in advance.
  • * On weekdays, reservation is not required (restricted admission).
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