The TORAYA CAFÉ・AN STAND's store introducing a concept of "a life with An." The in-store kitchen space produces exclusive mini-sized An paste products for purchase.

Main Menu Items/Products

An Paste, Yokan a la carte

An Coupé [Puréed Azuki Bean] 432yen

An Paste Café au Lait 594yen, An Paste Matcha au Lait 648yen, An Paste Milk 540yen, An Paste Milk [Amaretto] Contains Alcohol 540yen *Hot / Ice

* All prices include tax

Floor B3 / Basement 3 [Park Map]
Category Production and sales of An paste (red bean paste)
Hours 11:00 - 19:00
Closed Days Wednesdays, Closed days
Credit Card Accepted
Electronic Money Accepted
Official Website
Social Media / App
Hashtag #torayacafe #anstand
An paste (red bean paste) size lineup
An Coupé [Puréed Azuki Bean]
Yokan a la carte
An Paste Matcha Au Lait
An Paste Icecream