Enjoy specialty coffee and natural wine at pop-up store ÉCRU.GINZA.

Main Menu Items/Products

Espresso, Americano, Mocha, ÉCRU. latte, Spice water, Glass wine (red or white), Cheese sandwich, Jam sandwich, Cardamom roll, Cookies...etc

Open September 6 (Fri) - December 1 (Sun), 2019

Hours 8:00 - 23:00

* This store closed down.

Cheese sandwich
Cardamom roll
Jam sandwich
Inside view

Main Menu Items/Products

Espresso, Americano, Mocha, ÉCRU. latte, Spice water, Glass wine (red or white), Cheese sandwich, Jam sandwich, Cardamom roll, Cookies...etc

MENU *Prices shown include tax


Espresso 370 yen, Americano 550 yen, Mocha 620 yen, ÉCRU. latte 570 yen, Strong latte 600 yen, Spiced latte 620 yen, E.C.G. (ÉCRU. milk-coffee) 620 yen, Spice water 570 yen, Glass wine (red or white) 900-1,700 yen *Several varieties are available....etc


Cheese sandwich 690 yen, Jam sandwich 550 yen, Cardamom roll 450yen, Assorted cookies to accompany coffee 430 yen, Assorted cookies to accompany wine 430 yen


Coffee beans (250g) 2,200 yen, Espresso syrup 2,600 yen, Spice syrup 1,800 yen, ÉCRU.GINZA original T-shirt 3,500yen


October 31 (Thu) 20:00 - 23:00

ÉCRU. GINZA MUSIC BAR with Soundtrack brothers and more...

November 16 (Sat) 10:30 - 15:00

「the Blind Donkey Brunch EVENT」with SHINICHIRO HARAKAWA (the Blind Donkey), MORIKAGE SHOUTEN

Enjoy a special brunch event organized by ÉCRU. GINZA in collaboration with the Blind Donkey. Sunday roast meals (brunch plates of roast meat, vegetables, eggs, and more) will be available in limited quantities (cash on order).

November 17 (Sun) 20:00 - 21:00

ÉCRU. GINZA × yule presents「yulÉCRU. Special Live」

Six-member band Yule will perform live at ÉCRU. GINZA, filling the eatery space with the sounds of mellow music to match the in-store atmosphere. (minimum one drink order required)

November 23 (Sat) 13:00 - 22:00

「impécru ginza」with SHINICHI OTSUBO (impeccable). TATSUYA HARADA (ÉCRU.)

Chef Shinichi Ohtsubo of the restaurant Impeccable in Nagasaki partners with ÉCRU. GINZA for a tag-team culinary event. Enjoy a limited-time menu featuring the unique food preparation and presentation styles of ÉCRU. (standing only, cash on order)

November 24 (Sun) 15:00 - 21:00


The second edition in a series of collaborative events with Eriko Kishimoto, who is commonly known as the traveling chef. Having tried different food from all around the world, she recreates the inspiring flavors in her memory with a sense of spontaneity. (standing only, cash on order)


Floor GL / Ground Level [Park Map]
Category This stand will be a place to drink mainly coffee and wine, from morning until evening.

September 6 (Fri) - December 1 (Sun), 2019

* This store closed down.

Hours 8:00 - 23:00
Closed Days Dates the Ginza Sony Park is closed.
Credit Card Accepted
Electronic Money Not accepted
Official Website http://www.ecru-fukuoka.com/
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Hashtag #ecru_ginza


Specialty coffee and natural wine pop-up store ÉCRU.GINZA. Coffee and wine restaurant ÉCRU. from Tenjin in Fukuoka is collaborating with Ginza Sony Park to open their first location in Tokyo, a place to drink mainly coffee and wine from morning until evening.

Specialty coffee sold at pop-up store ÉCRU.GINZA is their limited-time-only Ginza Blend of a single type of coffee from a single coffee farm, roasted in different ways and then blended together. Store owner Tatsuya Harada selects tantalizing natural wines for the store bottle by bottle. The wine lineup meets special conditions for ÉCRU. before selection, so please come and find the one in particular that you really love. Sandwiches, cookies, and other snacks made with ingredients that match the flavors of the coffee and wine are also available.

With a glass of coffee or wine from ÉCRU.GINZA in one hand, you can feel the vibes of nature here in the center of Ginza. Stop over for a few minutes before work, refresh yourself while shopping or in the middle of your workday, grab a quick drink before or after a meal. Whatever your reason for spending time in Ginza, we hope you will make this your place to casually drop by when you have a moment.

About ÉCRU.

ÉCRU. is a stand that serves wine and coffee from afternoon until evening in Tenjin in the city of Fukuoka, originally opening in 2010. Aiming to "Make your ordinary day just a little better with ÉCRU. coffee and wine," they sell quality natural wine with character and specialty coffee worthy of being called "special." Many ÉCRU. regulars visited once and enjoyed the flavors so much that they just keep coming back.

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