The concept of the ground floor is "a park you can buy." Ao Ginza Tokyo, a production of "plant hunter" Seijun Nishihata, will be a limited-time store open for about two years (August 2018 to fall 2020) for plant selection and sales. The ground floor of Ginza Sony Park will be lushly adorned by the special plants in this collection, chosen from locations around the world by the "plant hunter." Visitors can enjoy being surrounded by plants in the metropolitan bustle of Ginza and feel the connection with these special plants while also having the opportunity to buy them. The purchase of every plant changes the complexion of Ginza Sony Park, making for a constantly-changing, fresh landscape.

Main Products

Plants and Plant-Related Miscellaneous Goods.

Floor GL / Ground Level [Park Map]
Category Designing and Planting the "Buyable Park"
Hours 11:00 - 19:00
Closed Days Sundays, Closed days
Credit Card Accepted
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Seijun Nishinata
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