ヌーミレパーク(仮) DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON King Gnu × millennium parade 2020.10.21 WED 2021.01.31 SUN #014

Chaotic Program by Ginza Sony Park + King Gnu + millennium parade

"King Gnu" and "millennium parade" are the artists, and PERIMETRON is the creative label overseeing the production of their artworks.

The music and artworks that have been created by the three groups whom have a mind-blowing continuous success will now hit Ginza Sony Park as activities!

Enjoy "#014 GNU-MILLEPARK," a theme park where the entire venue has been turned "chaotic" based on the key phrase, "Currently under construction (= unfinished and temporary state, or interim progress)."

Special website: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/gnu-millepark/

Duration: 2020.10.21 - 2021.1.31


A Message to You from King Gnu/ millennium parade、PERIMETRON

King Gnu/ millennium parade/ PERIMETRON Daiki Tsuneta

We have engaged in every aspect of our activities, including not only our music, but also our music videos, artworks and products, with a sense of conviction. It would be a pleasure for us if we could share with everyone the life that we have breathed into our numerous works to date through this exhibition. Being a theme park with an amiable name like GNU-MILLEPARK, I hope everyone will feel free to come and enjoy themselves.

PERIMETRON/ millennium parade Shu Sasaki

It's a great honor and joy to have music videos and artworks that were completed once, revived and delivered once again to people through this project. The theme park is still under construction, but I would like everyone to come and take a peek at the inner workings of our minds.

Entrance by Reservation Only

Entrance to Ginza Sony Park for the entirety of #014 GNU-MILLEPARK DIRECTED BY PERIMETRON will be by advance reservation only, as part of efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please make your reservation on the reservations page of the special website for the program before coming to Ginza Sony Park. Some interactive exhibits with capacity constraints may be unavailable even when attending during the times reserved. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Entrance will be for predetermied 80-minute time slots.
  • Reservations can be made for up to two persons at once.
  • Reservations are first-come first-served. Reservations for each time slot will no longer be accepted once that slot reaches its maximum capacity.

See the reservations page on the special website for details.


Please make sure to wear a mask when entering, and use disinfectant on your hands at reception.

  • ALL

Exhibit Overview


his installation was derived from the music video for the millennium parade song Plankton. The car that had previously only existed in CG in the video is recreated as an actual car right down to the outside paint job and interior, and will be on display in the Ginza Sony Park underground parking lot.


Plankton by millennium parade


PARK B3/ Basement 3

Fly with me LIVE 3D

Featuring an update of the newsworthy 3D video that accompanied the performance of Fly with me at millennium parade's first solo live performance in December 2019, which sold out as soon as tickets went on sale. Making its first appearance outside of live concerts, the video will be an immersive experience thanks to the incledible picture quality and powerful sound of Sony's ultra high-definition super-size Cyrstal LED screen. Up to 20 persons at once will be able to enjoy the experience, for approximately 5 minutes each.

* Since the video is 3D, viewing will be limited to customers ages 6 and up.


Fly with me by millennium parade


Crystal LED Display product details website


PARK B2/ Basement 2

Fly with me -THE GAME-

This arcade game faithfully recreates the world of the video game featured in the teaser video for millennium parade song Fly with me. You can play the continuation of the teaser video. Also check out the game storyline that is synchronized with the world of the music video.

* Capacity is limited. If you want to play the game, please inform reception upon entering the park. Numbered tickets will be distributed in order of arrival.


Fly with me (Official Teaser) by millennium parade


PARK B1/ Basement 1


The masked boy hero on the cover of the CD jacket for King Gnu single Hikohtei (Flying Boat) appears as a massive work of object art by the underground stairwell.


Hikohtei by King Gnu


Underground stairwell


Props actually used in the music videos of the program collaborators, such as the mask and cape of the boy from King Gnu song Hikohtei (Flying Boat) and the costume from the millennium parade song lost and found, will be on display on floor B1. Now you can see the actual props from up close.

The character suits and puppets appearing in Slumberland also await on floors B2 and B3.


lost and found by millennium parade


Slumberland by King Gnu


PARK B1/ Basement 1, PARK B2/ Basement 2, PARK B3/ Basement 3

Enjoy #014 GNU-MILLEPARK online

For #014 GNU-MILLEPARK, Park Live performances will be streamed online, and content such as a virtual walkthrough of Ginza Sony Park will also be added on an ongoing basis.

Special website: https://www.ginzasonypark.jp/gnu-millepark/


The special website will offer a virtual walk-through to be able to enjoy the #014 GNU-MILLEPARK program from afar. We invite you to check out the large collection of artwork brimming with imagination from the worlds of King Gnu and millennium parade. Use smartphone VR goggles for an even more immersive walkthrough experience.

Some special content will also be available to experience via the virtual tour only.

Park Live

Park Live will feature performances by artists connected to King Gnu and millennium parade. Performances will be streamed via YouTube and Instagram (free to view).

Performing artists will be announced later.

YouTube: https://youtube.com/ginzasonypark/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/ginzasonypark/


King Gnu

Creator Daiki Tsuneta, who studied at Tokyo University of the Arts, began forging his unique musical path with the creation of Srv. Vinci in 2015. After several member changes, the band settled on its current lineup of Daiki Tsuneta (guitar, vocals), Yu Seki (drums, samplers), Kazuki Arai (bass), and Satoru Iguchi (vocal, keyboards). After appearances at SXSW 2017 and Japan NiteUS Tour 2017, the band relaunched itself as "King Gnu" in April 2017. Their sound, known as "Tokyo New Mixture," brings together their unique pop sense and sensuality. They have played at major festivals, such as the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL and RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL, and their music videos, created in conjunction with their partner creative label, PERIMETRON, have drawn a great deal of interest. Their headlining shows always sell out!! They have created a distinctive world through all of their creative efforts ? their music, videos, artwork, and live performances.

King Gnu

millennium parade

millennium parade is a creative collective organized by Daiki Tsuneta, a producer and songwriter based in Tokyo, Japan, who also leads one of the region's biggest bands, King Gnu. millennium parade is an energetic and inspiring group, composed of artists from various creative fields including musicians, a film director, visual effects artist, designer, illustrator and so on. Their musical sound is electronic-leaning, featuring synths and pop-inspired melodies, overlaying chaotic beats.

millennium parade's concept is inspired by "Hyakki Yakō" - "The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons", deriving from centuries old Japanese folklore. The 'night parade' saw supernatural creatures roam the streets causing utter pandemonium throughout Japan. This chaos and mystery underlies the group's collective vision to present Tokyo's new values to the rest of the world. Their ambition is global and their intention is to surprise and awaken.

From their first appearance in 2019, with stunningly memorable music releases and companion videos, all created by the band, an innovative launch party utilizing 3D technology and sold out live shows, the band emerged in 2020 as a force to be noticed. Their song 'Fly with me', was the main theme song for world famous Japanese animation 'Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045' and it was remixed by the renowned Steve Aoki. The band returned late 2020 with the genre-bending 'Philip', spinning tales of injustice and hope from the mouth of a 2D animated Doberman named Stan.

Despite being a relatively new and curiously mysterious group, they have already collaborated with DIOR and most recently adidas, for whom Tsuneta was recently named a Global Ambassador, while Tsuneta himself has also been featured in campaigns for Coach / Jean Michel Basquiat and more. The chaos will continue as 2021 appears.

millennium parade


Centered on musical wizard Daiki Tsuneta, producer/designer Shu Sasaki, and filmmaker Osrin, PERIMETRON began its full-scale creative activities in 2016. With their team of creators which includes 3D visual editors, they create music videos for a variety of artists, as well as brand commercials and fashion films. In addition to video direction they also engage in wide-ranging production activities not limited to any particular genre, from jacket artwork for media products to product design, spatial design, and serialized graphic art in magazines. Now, they are quickly captivating attention as they generate the most stimulating, cutting-edge creations in all of Tokyo.




October 21 (Wednesday), 2020 – January 31 (Sun), 2021

*Closed for year-end and New Year's holiday


11:00 - 19:00

Venue Ginza Sony Park

Free to enter (capacity limited/entrance by reservation only: see special website for details)

Special website


Social media accounts

@ginzasonypark (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)


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