SP. by yuko mohri

SP. by yuko mohri
SP. by yuko mohri

Ginza Sony Park Transforms into Studio of Contemporary Artist Yuko Mohri

In a time when people’s values are changing all around us, Ginza Sony Park has decided that now is an ideal time to entrust an artist with how to utilize its facility to explore new possibilities in physical space.

This program is not an exhibit for viewing finished works of art. Instead, it offers the chance to experience the production process by which Yuko Mohri and musicians in her studio space create new things feel the energy of the artists, and catch a glimpse of Sound in Progress expressions that are born in changing times like these, in a place like Ginza Sony Park.

Known for her installations that convey invisible, intangible energies such as magnetism, gravity, wind, and light, Mohri Yuko has been a focus of attention as one of today’s most active artists, involved in an extensive list of exhibitions in Japan and internationally.

Daily changes including the installations on display from opening day on July 20 (Mon) until closing day on August 26 (Wed) are also shown on the special website for "SP. by yuko mohri".

* This program has finished.

Duration: 2020.7.20 - 8.26

Hours: 11:00 - 19:00

Venue: PARK B2/ PARK B3


  • This program is not an exhibit or pubic showing. The productions generated on-site will be annouced in some form or another on a later date.
  • Duration includes dates of setup and takedown, and these dates are also subject to sudden changes.

Special website: https://sp-yukomohri.com/

SP. began unexpectedly.

All my plans were canceled a few months ago. Everything I had built and accumulated over the years melted away; completely liquidated overnight. I felt as if a huge lake had suddenly appeared before me, a lake so big, that it was impossible for me to deal with. However, it was around this time that I visited northern Lake Biwa. It was on a calm day, just when winter was about to give way to spring. Unlike the choppy surface of the ocean, the lake rocked gently, and the jumping of small fish left ripples on the surface, which spread out eternally.

Perhaps Ginza Sony Park too, had been facing a huge body of water. One day, my phone suddenly rang. Faced with this lake, I had been grappling with the need to dramatically change my work style, and this phone call was like an unexpected windfall. It felt as if a new world had suddenly opened up in front of me, and I could see fish jumping in the lake. I suggested that the Park be used as a studio, and immediately called on others to work with me. They too, had been struggling to deal with the situation, and gladly obliged.

The name, "SP." stands for "Sound in Progress" works developed during the"Stay Park" period, taken from the slogan, "stay home." During this program, new works will be tested on the recently-developed "Stumble Piano," and performances of works on the rotating "SPeaker" will be recorded. Then everything will be taken to the "Station to be Played" at Ginza Sony Park Studio with the aim of realizing a form of expressionism ("Expression SP.") that cannot be categorized as music or art.

The month-long program in which Sony Park (also "SP.") will be used as a studio, is not an exhibition. Visitors will not be able to look at works, but they will be offered a peek into creative works in progress and how they evolve, allowing them to sense the energy of artists striving to be creative.

This is the kind of activity, which creates turning points, maybe next year, or even five to ten years down the road.

Yuko Mohri

"SP. by yuko mohri," the program focusing on the contemporary artist, Yuko Mohri, is not an exhibition of her completed works.

Given the current situation around the world, Ginza Sony Park decided to entrust this space to artists.

So, what will this program give birth to?

We are also looking forward to what this place could give birth to, while accepting the changes in society.

Ginza Sony Park


Participating artists & staff

Installation: Yuko Mohri
Performance: Seiichi Yamamoto, Akio Suzuki, Otomo Yoshihide
Sound Engineer: ZAK
Lighting Engineer: Masayoshi Takada (RYU)
Technical Staff: Yuya Ito
Programming: Satoshi Hama
Speaker Modeling: nomena
Video Direction: Kota Ishii (HOEDOWN)
Video Production: HOEDOWN
Photography: Hideto Maezawa, Ginza Sony Park
Production Staff: Koshiro Shikine, Chiaki Haibara
Production Management: Chiaki Sakaguchi
Art Direction: Gento Matsumoto
  • The performers and staff are subject to change.

Artist profiles

SP. by yuko mohri

Yuko Mohri

She is an artist who creates installations focusing on the synergy created through the combination of everyday materials with magnetism and gravity, wind and light, and other such forces that can neither be seen nor touched. Her works actively incorporate elements that go beyond her intensions, such as randomness and unanticipated errors, and can be likened to a unique ecosystem with an autonomous circuit for examining and measuring information on the overall exhibition environment. Her main private exhibitions include, "Assume that There Is Friction and Resistance" held at Towada Art Center (2018)" and "Voluta" held at Camden Art Centre (London, 2018), as well as numerous group exhibitions, including "Where We Now Stand – In Order to Map the Future" held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, in 2020, "Weavers of Worlds – A Century of Flux in Japanese Modern/Contemporary Art" held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2019), and "Japanorama: A New Vision on Art Since 1970" held at Centre Pompidou-Metz (France, 2017). She has also taken part in numerous international exhibitions, including "The Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art" (Russia, 2019), "The Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art" (Australia, 2018), Museé d’art comtemporain de Lyon" (France, 2017), and the "Kochi-Muziris Biennale" (India, 2016).

SP. by yuko mohri

Seiichi Yamamoto

He is a musician who plays in "BOREDOMS," "ROVO" and "PARA," and is involved in numerous other bands, units and solo works, while also engaging in worldwide activities as a player, songwriter, composer and producer through sessions with domestic and international musicians. He has released "Falsetto," "LIGHTS" and numerous other albums, and also produces music for movies. Furthermore, he continues releasing works as a writer, artist and photographer. His books include, "IMAYURA," "GINGA" and "YUN."http://www.japanimprov.com/

SP. by yuko mohri

Akio Suzuki

He is an artist and performer who engages in "throwing" and "following." He began "self-study events" focusing on sounds (1963). He held his first private exhibition (1976) using sound objects at Minami Gallery, Tokyo. In the 1980s, he developed a form of performance he called, "conceptual soundwork," and performed at Documenta in Kassel (1987). He also held the sound projects, "Listening to the Sounds of Nature for a Whole Day" and "Space in the Sun" (1988). In the 1990s, he began creating installations using sounds, and launched the "O to da te" project throughout the world, which he unveiled for the first time at the Sonambiente Festival (Berlin) in 1996. His recent works include "no zo mi" (2019), an outdoor exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, and "na i za i" (2018) at Kumanokodo Nakahechi Museum of Art. He performed at Camden Art Centre (London, 2018) where Yuko Mohri’s exhibition, "Voluta," was being held. Moreover, he often collaborates with improvising musicians. https://www.akiosuzuki.com/

Photo: Lawrence English

SP. by yuko mohri

Otomo Yoshihide

He is a prolific musician who composes music for many movies and TV programs, and specializes in creating noise and improvising. He is a guitarist and a turntable player. He operates not only in Japan, but also in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. He has also been involved in exhibiting numerous works that fuse art with music, and producing projects with the participation of the general public. After the earthquake, he launched PROJECT FUKUSHIMA! in the prefecture where he was raised. He has been engaging in a variety of activities to date. In 2013, he won the Best Composer Award in the Japan Record Awards for the music he wrote for "Amachan." Since 2014, he has been striving to establish a network of musicians in countries throughout Asia as the director of ENSEMBLE ASIA. He became the art director for the Sapporo International Art Festival in 2017. He was placed in charge of writing the music for the 2019 NHK Taiga drama series, "Idaten." He also directed the reorganization of the Waraji Festival, one of the biggest summer festivals held in Fukushima.http://otomoyoshihide.com/

「SP. by yuko mohri」 Overview

Title SP. by yuko mohri

July 20 (Mon) - August 26 (Wed), 2020

* This program has finished.




PARK B2/Basement 2 and B3/Basement 3

Special website




  • This program is not an exhibit or pubic showing. The productions generated on-site will be annouced in some form or another on a later date.
  • Duration includes dates of setup and takedown, and these dates are also subject to sudden changes.