#012 Affinity in Autonomy Coexistence with Robotics

Affinity in Autonomy
Affinity in Autonomy

Presenting a new vision between humans and robotics

The technology that surrounds us has undergone radical change in recent years. As AI and other technologies become more familiar, a world where humans coexist with robotics is just around the corner. This exhibit showcases the research and expertise Sony has accumulated in robotics over the past 20 years, while presenting a vision in which humans and robots connect with each other. Catch a glimpse of the possible ways that robotics can bring fulfillment to people and lifestyles, while creating a more prosperous society.

Duration: 2019.12.14 - 2020.1.13

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* This program has finished.

Exhibit Overview

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Interaction 01: Awakening

Small forms of intelligence awaken in the dark in concert with your movements. New forms of intelligence that dwell within light and sound will sense you in the dark, and guide you to a future of unexpected, unimaginable interaction with robots as they change color and shape in concert with your movements.


PARK B2 / Basement 2

Title1 Awakening

Interaction 02: Accordance

Spherical robots each with their own distinct personalities interlink and cooperate with each other while occasionally also acting in accordance with people. The unpredictable movements of these robots offer a glimpse of how communities of coexistence between humans and robots might look.


PARK B2 / Basement 2

Title2 Accordance

Interaction 03: Autonomous

The independence and free-will of robotics is portrayed by the randon movements of a pendulum. Try gently holding your hand up to its luminous arm. When the autonomous robot detects us and casts an eye in our direction, we may question our natural feelings and response.


PARK B2 / Basement 2

Title3 Autonomous

Interaction 04: Affiliation

Call out to robots , and gently reach out to touch them. Through continual interaction with humans, robots will evolve both intellectually and emotionally. By understanding this symbiotic relationship, we can imagine a future where robotics will have the appearance of being more alive.


PARK B3 / Basement 3

Title4 Affiliation

Interaction 05: Association

Robotics wil play an integral role in our lives and society in the coming years. When these cubic robots locate you, they will gradually change stature as they approach, and invite you to fill out a questionnaire. Please take a pen, and provide your honest answers when prompted.


PARK B3 / Basement 3

Title5 Association

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Event Overview: #012 Affinity in AutonomyCoexistence with Robotics

Title #012 Affinity in Autonomy Coexistence with Robotics

December 14 (Sat), 2019 - January 13 (Mon/Holiday), 2020

* Park will be closed December 31 (Tue) and January 1 (Wed/Holiday)

* This program has finished.


10:00 - 20:00

Venue Ginza Sony Park B2/B3 [Park Map]

Free to enter

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