Park Cinema by ShortShorts

Park Cinema by Short Shorts is a collaboration between Ginza Sony Park and Short Shorts (*1) to screen short films selected from countries all over the world in a variety of genres including comedy, drama, animation, and more.

This program allows you to enjoy films casually in a park-like setting where you can have a meal, wait for someone, or just spend a little free time.

During the duration of the program either Park Cinema or a Park Live secret musical performance will be held each night (*2) on Floor B4. Whether it's film or a music show, a new discovery will be waiting for you whenever you visit.

  • 1: ShortShorts is a comprehensive short film brand that plans and operates Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & Asia), a qualifying film festival for the American Academy Awards and the largest international short film festival in Asia.
  • 2: Closed on New Year's Eve December 31 (Mon) and New Year's Day January 1 (Tue/Holiday).

Duration:2018.12.16 - 2019.1.6 *Closed January 1 (Tue/Holiday)

* This program has finished.

Park Cinema #01 Programs December 16 (Sun) - 26 (Wed)

*Closed December 18 (Tue), 21 (Fri), and 22 (Sat)

Postcards (Spain)

A man and woman meet on a deserted beach. Is it fate that brought them together? Are these feelings real?

They send each other postcards for a year afterward to uncover their true feelings.

(Running time: 13:47)

With best regards (Austria)

A waitress at a café is goaded by her coworker into talking to an attractive regular customer.

The coworker has bold ideas for capturing his attention such as scratching his car and sticking a memo with a phone number into the car window.

(Running time: 4:31)

The Swing (Ireland)

Brothers Aidan and Sean constantly quarrel with each other.

One day, the younger brother Aidan rides a swing hanging from a tree, and something terrible happens. A coming of age story about the bonds between two young brothers.

(Running time: 12:32)

My Best Friend is Stuck on the Ceiling (Australia)

Connor is secretly in love with his best friend Rachel.

He has gotten her an amazing birthday present!

(Running time: 10:28)

Park Cinema #02 Programs December 27 (Thu) - January 6 (Sun)

*Closed December 31 (Mon), and January 1 (Tue/Holiday)

Hasta Santiago (Switzerland / France)

As Mupo travels the path of Santiago de Compostela, he meets other walkers who are not necessarily carrying only their backpacks.

(Running time: 13:00)

Moving (New Zealand)

A couple has decided to break up. Their friends come through to help the couple move away from each other.

(Running time: 11:44)

Perfectly Normal (America)

Cassie thinks her kind, handsome therapist Dan is the ideal single guy. However, Dan is ethically opposed to having relationships with his patients, and will no longer serve as her therapist.

What bold moves does Cassie have up her sleeve next?

(Running time: 9:45)

Best of Both Worlds (America)

One evening at a bar, Charlie meets an attractive woman named Michelle. The two quickly fall in love and spend the night together, but the next morning Michelle transforms into someone completely different.

(Running time: 12:49)

Comments from Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia International Short Film Festival Founder Tetsuya Bessho

Ginza Sony Park is a new landmark in Ginza.

The wonderful concept of an ever-changing park and an enlivening, playful experience really resonated with me.

Short films offer the chance to find out what you like, and to connect with others.

I hope Park Cinema by ShortShorts can be a project that does just that.

Please take a moment to enjoy short films from all over the world at Ginza Sony Park.

Tetsuya Bessho

Founder of ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia

Park Floor B4 Program Schedule

Park Cinema #01/Park Cinema #02: Every hour starting on the hour 17:00 - 21:00 *January 2 (Wed) & 3 (Thu) starting only at 17:00 and 18:00.

Park Live: Tuesday & Friday from 20:00, Saturday from 17:00


December 16 (Sun), 17 (Mon), 19 (Wed), 20 (Thu), 23 (Sun/Holiday), 24 (Mon/Holiday), 25 (Tue), 26 (Wed), 27 (Thu), 29 (Sat), 30 (Sun) 2018;

January 2 (Wed), 3 (Thu), 4 (Fri), 5 (Sat), 6 (Sun) 2019

* This program has finished.


Every hour starting on the hour 17:00 - 21:00

*January 2 (Wed) & 3 (Thu) starting only at 17:00 and 18:00

Venue B4 / Basement 4[Park Map]


* One order system at "BEER TO GO" by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY.

  • Screening times differ depending on the program.
  • Audio/video recording is not allowed.
  • You may have to stand to watch the films if the venue is crowded.
  • We do not accept reservations.
  • You may have to take a numbered ticket to watch the films.
  • The details above are subject to change without prior warning.