Enjoy table-based interactive games such as Space Invaders in this underground space. Enjoy the feel of playing these games in a strange, unexpected place.

Come to this underground space—still reminiscent of the parking lot it was under the former Sony Building—to play a table-based game that uses "Xperia Touch," a new technology that allows you to control things intuitively, through a touchscreen projected onto the wall or table.

Duration: 2018.11.5 - 2021.9.30

* This program has finished.

【Sound Rally Ping Pong】

Rally Challenge!

Music plays as your rally continues!

Those who can continue their rally until the music finishes will receive a Ginza Sony Park original button badge!

[Course] *Up to two chances per group
  • Beginner (30 sec.) "William Tell"
  • Advanced (2 min.) Hikaru Utada "Anata"
[Course clear benefit]
  • Clear the beginner course → Original button badge, one color
  • Clear the advanced course → Original button badge, three colors

Nnovember 5 (Mon), 2018 - September 30 (Thu)

* This program has finished.


10:00 - 20:00

Venue B3 / Basement 3 [Park Map]
Experiential Game Apps

Three Xperia Touch game apps:

  • Glow Hockey
  • Space Invaders
  • Fruit Ninja Classic®
Price Free
  • You may not be able to try out the simulator/apps if the venue is crowded.
  • Staff members may ask you to leave if you are using one simulator/app for too long.
  • Details above are subject to change without prior warning.