Oct 21st 2020(Wed) – Mar 31st 2021(Wed)
* This program has finished



    【 Period 】
    Oct 21st 2020(Wed) –
    Mar 31st 2021(Wed)* Closed: Dec 30th(Wed) - Jan 3rd(Sun)* This program has finished
    【 Time 】
    11:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.
    【 Venue 】
    Ginza Sony Park
    【 Fee 】
    Entrance is free
    *prior reservation required
    【 Reservation 
      Period 】
    【 Reservation Period 】
    ⑴ Oct 21st 2020(Wed) - Nov 19th 2020(Thu)
    Reception closed
    ⑵ Nov 20th 2020(Fri) - Jan 11th 2021(Mon/Holiday)
    Reception closed
    ⑶ Jan 12th 2021(Tue) - Feb 28th 2021(Sun)
    Reception closed
    ⑷ Mar 1st 2021(Mon) - Mar 31st 2021(Wed)
    Reception closed

    *Reservations shall be limited to one per person for each period.

    *The car in the "INTO THE PLANKTON" exhibition may not be available.

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    Reception closed

    FAQ よくあるご質問


    “King Gnu” and “millennium parade” are the artists,
    and PERIMETRON is the creative label overseeing the production of their artworks.
    The music and artworks that have been created by the three groups whom have a mind-blowing
    continuous success will now hit Ginza Sony Park as activities!
    Enjoy “#014 GNU-MILLEPARK,” a theme park where the entire venue has been
    turned “chaotic” based on the key phrase,
    “Currently under construction (= unfinished and temporary state, or interim progress).”
    Ginza Sony Park
    We have engaged in every aspect of our activities, including not only our music,
    but also our music videos, artworks and products, with a sense of conviction.
    It would be a pleasure for us if we could share with everyone the life
    that we have breathed into our numerous works to date through this exhibition.
    Being a theme park with an amiable name like GNU-MILLEPARK,
    I hope everyone will feel free to come and enjoy themselves.
    King Gnu / millennium parade / PERIMETRONDaiki Tsuneta
    It’s a great honor and joy to have music videos and artworks that were completed once,
    revived and delivered once again to people through this project.
    The theme park is still under construction,
    but I would like everyone to come and take a peek at the inner workings of our minds.
    PERIMETRON / millennium paradeShu Sasaki

    Virtual Tour

    Experience a virtual tour of the inside of Ginza Sony Park.
    virtual image

    AR Filters

    These are the 2 types of AR Filters you can use on Instagram.
    Enjoy the experience on your smartphone.
    Fly with me
    millennium parade

    Park Live

    We will be delivering live performances of artists who have a connection with
    King Gnu and millennium parade through
    Ginza Sony Park's YouTube/Instagram on an irregular basis!
      King Gnumillennium parade