Ginza Sony Park "Season 2" Starts this Autumn


Three experimental stores by new partners to be open for roughly one year

September 10, 2020

Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ginza Sony Park will launch its "Season 2" this autumn, leading up to the beginning of construction on the new Ginza Sony Park in autumn 2021.

Ginza Sony Pak 今秋より「シーズン2」スタート

Ginza Sony Park has welcomed over 6.5 million visitors(*) since opening in August 2018 under the concept of being an ever-changing experimental park. Over that time, Ginza Sony Park has been dedicated to offering a variety of programs including interactive events and live concerts that provide visitors with the feeling of chance encounters throughout the year, while also teaming up with partners to operate unique stores. Ginza Sony Park's Season 1 stores THE CONVENI, MIMOSA GINZA, TORAYA CAFÉ AN STAND, BEER TO GO by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY, and AWO GINZA TOKYO will pass the baton to three new stores, GEN GEN AN 幻, KAMAPAN&Friends ALL NATURAL BUSSAN, and SEAFOOL. This new lineup of stores for Season 2 will open sequentially this autumn, starting in October 2020. Specific opening dates for each store will be announced later. (*as of the end of August 2020)

Season 2 will be a new experiment lasting for around a year until temporarily closing in September 2021 when construction on the new Ginza Sony Park begins. From October onward, Ginza Sony Park will be partnering with artists and creators to produce even better events than ever before. The Ground Level floor will also transform into an even flatter "park in the middle of the city," with less tree plantings and more wide open space. Additionally, a new lineup of partner stores will be opening one at a time. GEN GEN AN 幻is a tea leaf shop that engages in a variety of tea-themed projects. KAMAPAN&Friends ALL NATURAL BUSSAN is operated by the Food Hub Project with the slogan of "Farm Local, Eat Local." SEAFOOL is a new business concept run by the team from PIZZA SLICE, a Tokyo pizza joint popular with the young crowd. Visitors will have all sorts of ways to enjoy their time at Ginza Sony Park, a space where public and private come together.

As movement has been restricted since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the world has changed and so have people's values. In response to these circustances, Season 2 of Ginza Sony Park will feature an online "virtual" forum in addition to a physical "real" forum. Park Live has provided chance encounters with music to visitors ever since Ginza Sony Park opened. Since April it has moved online, with live music performences from 29 different artists already streamed. Other events will also offer opportunities to experience Ginza Sony Park online.

Together with artists and creators, Ginza Sony Park will continue to create forums that generate new encounters, ideas, and communication, as an ever-changing experiemental park for a new era and new lifestyles. Don't miss Ginza Sony Park Season 2, open for a limited time of one year only before construction begins on the new Ginza Sony Park next autumn.

Newly opening restaurants and food stores

All of the newly opening stores will also accept to-go orders to be enjoyed anywhere at Ginza Sony Park, or at home or the office. Opening dates for each restaurant will be announced later.

GEN GEN AN 幻 tea leaf shop, with the theme "Tea Leaves and Confectionery"

First opened as a tea leaf shop in Shibuya with the theme of "Music and Tea" in 2017, GEN GEN AN 幻 is engaged in a variety of projects with its mission to "share the tea experience." This new endeavor at Ginza Sony Park is themed "Tea Leaves and Confectionery." GEN GEN AN aims to provide an "interval" to people of the world living a faster life than ever before with tightly-packed schedules. Based on this concept, customers can enjoy various drinks provided through a streamlined process that starts with tea leaf production, as well as newly made confectionery that can only be tasted here.




KAMAPAN&Friends ALL NATURAL BUSSAN, sourced from small scale food producers all over Japan

Operated by the Food Hub Project that manages agricultural efforts, a restaurant, bakery, and food store in the town of Kamiyama, Tokushima Prefecture(*) under the motto "Farm Local, Eat Local," this new "farm-fresh" natural food market in the middle of Ginza aims to energze both producers and consumers with its new motto "Farm with Friends, Eat with Friends: Agricultural and Culinary Friendship." Selling delicious baked goods and additive-free foods rooted in everyday life from producers all over Japan, KAMAPAN&Friends also sells its special directly-sourced combo sandwiches featuring local specialties served inside Kamapan's "parka" buns, as well as additive-free farm-direct soft serve ice cream. With focus squarely on the experience of eating, KAMAPAN&Friends completes a cycle of happiness linking producers with consumers.

  • Recipient of Good Design Gold Award in 2018

Food Hub Project:


SEAFOOL seafood stand

The team from Tokyo's trendy New York-style pizza joint Pizza Slice is launching this new business concept for one year only. SEAFOOL serves seafood in a casual fast food environment, a type of restaurant rarely seen in Japan. Its menu features fried calamari, fish burgers, and more. Shigeo Kitade is also contributing his legendary Kitade Tacos with corn tortillas, made entirely from domestically-produced ingredients. Even those who work in Ginza can casually drop by this seafood stand for a meal.


Existing stores that will remain open from October onward

ÉCRU. GINZA, a stand to drink mainly cofee and wine, morning until evening

Ginza Sony Park collaboraiton coffee and wine store ÉCRU. GINZA hailing from Tenjin in Fukuoka will remain open during the current renovation. With a glass of wine or cup of coffee in one hand, you can feel the vibes of nature here in the center of Ginza. The menu includes desserts baked in-house and ÉCRU. GINZA original mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails). Stop over for a few minutes on your way to or from work, refresh yourself while shopping or in the middle of your workday, or grab a quick drink before or after a meal. Whatever your reason for spending time in Ginza, we hope you will make this your place to casually drop by whenever you have a moment.

ÉCRU. GINZA (Instagram):


Season 2 transition schedule

  • Current partner stores will close on the following dates: TORAYA CAFÉ AN STAND GINZA will close on September 29 (Tue), 2020 and AWO GINZA TOKYO, THE CONVENI (GINZA SONY PARK), and MIMOSA GINZA (currently temporary closed) will close on September 30 (Wed), 2020. BEER TO GO by SPRING VALLEY BREWERY already closed on August 31 (Mon).
  • Along with the closure of AWO GINZA TOKYO, all of the potted trees on the Ground Level floor will be transported to farms affiliated with Japan Plant Planning Co., Ltd. The trees will be properly cared for during and after transport.
  • ÉCRU. GINZA and TOKYO FM Ginza Sony Park Studio (currently temporarily closed) on the Ground Level floor will remain for Season 2.