Initiative to use green energy

Ginza Sony Park has an ongoing initiative to use environmentally-friendly "Green energy." 100% of the energy used within Park is supplied by green energy, and our partner stores are cooperating as well.

Green energy is power generated from renewable sources with low environmental impact such as solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal. Power generated from fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal emit CO2 (carbon dioxide) when generated, but hardly any CO2 at all is emitted when generating power from natural energy. In fact, it may even generate no CO2 at all. Being renewable, this energy is also thought to have very little impact on the environment.

Ginza Sony Park has implemented the Green Power Certificate system. Power generated from natural energy sources such as solar have extra value-in other words, the value of energy saved (reduced fossil fuels) and CO2 emissions reduced. The Green Power Certificate system gives tangible shape to this value in the form of Green Power Certificates and allows these certificates to be traded.

Users assume part of the cost and are contracted to generate power from natural energy. The power they generate is sold to local power companies. At the same time, since receiving Green Power Certificates means the users are considered to have purchased natural energy, this system is attracting greater attention as a mechanism to stop global warming.

The initiative to use green energy which was implemented at the Sony Building in June 2007 is still ongoing at Ginza Sony Park.