About Project

The Ginza Sony Park Project is a project for the renovation of the Sony Building, with three aims: to create a new hub for Sony brand promotion, offer people interactive new experiences, and make Ginza a more comfortable town.

The Sony Building, which was built in 1966, will go through a reinvention and emerge in August 2018 as"Ginza Sony Park."

The idea of providing a public space has been present since the very beginning of the Sony Building, in the form of Sony Square, known as the"Garden of Ginza." Ginza Sony Park is a reinterpretation of this concept, and will act as an interesting, attractive new space in Ginza. There are also plans to construct a new Sony Building that will inherit this concept of public space, and bring a new rhythm to the town and its people, with construction to be completed in 2022.

The Future of Ginza Sony Park

Phase 1 : 2018 - 2020

From August 2018 until the autumn of 2020, we will utilize this area as"Ginza Sony Park." It will pose an incredible challenge for us to create a public space in a town like Ginza, with so few parks, and in a prime location like Sukiyabashi Crossroads.

Our plan is to create a three-dimensional park structure that encompasses both the above-ground and below-ground floors, utilizing the flat ground of the above-ground areas and incorporating a concept known as"lower park" in the below-ground areas for an open, expansive space.

Phase 2 : 2022 -

The new Sony Building, to be completed in 2022, will inherit this main concept—the idea of a park that will provide a public space for the town of Ginza.

The Sony Building's spatial design was based on the concept of"taking a vertical stroll in Ginza," with a seamless flower-petal structure considered very innovative at the time. With the new Sony Building, we aim once again to create an unparalleled space just our own, with the characteristic Sony playfulness.

The History of the Sony Building and Ginza Sony Park

Post-Renovation Sony Building

The newly renovated Sony Building was mostly white in appearance, with a large, CG-incorporated mural on the side facing Harumi Avenue, and with a new setup that lit up the glass walls of each floor in the nighttime.

Sony Building Opens

The Sony Building opened on April 29th, 1966, as a Sony information hub. (A three-dimensional, promenade-style composite showroom building with eight above-ground and five below-ground floors, and a flower-petal inner structure.)

Sony Showroom

In 1959, we opened a showroom just short of 66 m2 on the first floor of the building displaying billboard.

Neon Lights in Sukiyabashi

It was 5:01 P.M., December 19th, 1957, when a neon"SONY" sign lit up the night sky at the corner of Sukiyabashi in Ginza (the former site of the Sony Building), in our effort to get more recognition for the company.